Our SuccessChurch Vision and calling is to Equip, Teach, Train, and spiritually Enlarge The Body of Christ for Christian Success, Biblical Achievement, and Godly Leadership in all aspects of life through the unique teachings of HolyFire Empowerment Ministries and The SuccessChurch. We are called to minister the Christian Success Message of Jesus Christ to the nations through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Receiving His Gift of Grace and Eternal Life is the Ultimate Success in a person's life.

We have been led to form a cyber church, on the internet for the Glory of God. We believe that the "internet" is a powerful tool for God and His Kingdom, and His Holy Success Power. We believe the word "internet" really stands for "Enter Net," and we encourage everyone to "Enter the Net of Jesus" and multiply your life into a total life of overflow living. Peter did this when he cast the net on the other side of the boat per Christ's instruction, after a night of no success at fishing. Because He listened to Christ, Peter hauled into the nets an incredible multitude of fish. (John 21:6) We encourage everyone to "Enter His Net."

We have been led to spread the message that we serve a God of Divine, Unlimited Blessings, and Total, Overflowing, Ever-Enlarging, Multiplying Fullness. There is NO Emptiness of Substance with God, and thusly we believe there should not be Emptiness in any aspect of our lives, including relationships, careers, family, health, and finances and Godly Success. We believe that constant struggle in life is a choice, not a destiny. God's Overflowing Wealth and the Riches of His Kingdom that He Promises in His Word are available today to His children, as part of our inheritance under the New Covenant of His Precious Blood.

We have been led to develop a worldwide Christian Success Network of "Personal Prayer Teams" that evolve and grow into a "Personal Prayer Network." These Teams will help create a Holy Success Invasion into the Marketplace, and be a part of bringing the Power of God into the Workplace in a way that will bring God's Saving Grace into unbelievers' lives, and His Holy Success Power in all business activities, transforming the Marketplace for His Purposes and Glory, producing God PoweredTM Success! We have been led to provide ReSources and the Teachings for these Prayer Teams to grow and flourish through the Power of God.

We have also been called to develop Christian Success ReSources and Study Guides for a worldwide Network of "SuccessChurch Study Teams," who meet weekly (face to face or via conference calls) to study and discuss the Word of God regarding Godly Success, Christian Achievement, and Biblical Victory in life.

We have been led to develop the SuccessChurch Media Ministry through all broadcast and print media, to totally Glorify God, and God only.

We have been called to develop Live SuccessChurch Events around the world that Glorify God, featuring Spirit-led teachers with anointed messages of Biblical Success, Christian Success Empowerment, and Godly Leadership. The purpose of these events is to gather together with Christians of all denominations for worship, teaching, and equipping, while we invite God to transform peoples' lives as He chooses by His Presence and the Power of His Holy Spirit.

We live to glorify the Name of Jesus in everything we do in life and our Christian Success.

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