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Q: What is a Personal Prayer Team (PPT)?

A: It is a God-Empowered Team of 3-5 people that cover each other throughout the day with prayers for each others’ workplace and home to empower Christian Success and Godly Achievement.

Q: What is the Purpose of a PPT?

A: The PPT members intercede daily to the Lord in silent prayer in the workplace, to invite the Holy Spirit into each others’ lives, un-intrusively. They welcome Him to change the atmosphere and increase His Success Power, Protection and Blessings within these workplaces.

Can you imagine the productivity of Christians at work if there were teams and a worldwide network of people praying to God for them and their Christian Success daily?

Q: What does the Bible say about PPTs?

You will learn what a PPT can do, how to form one, and how to multiply it to form a Personal Prayer Team Network! The Personal Prayer Team Network is meant to provide an intercessory prayer net or prayer covering worldwide over Christian Businesses, Jobs, Careers, Workplaces, and Companies, etc.

To learn more about how to start a PPT in your area, and join the PPT Network, contact us, and we will email you a “PPT Starter Training” and enroll you as one of the PPT Leaders in your area. We hold a monthly webcast/conference call, for PPT Teams and Leaders, to update, pray together, and to interactively communicate with each other.

Personal Prayer Teams Can Change the Dynamics & Christian Success Blessings of a Workplace, a City, A Nation, and The World.

The SuccessChurch teachings on starting your own Personal Prayer Teams are available. The results have been amazing, with all Glory going to God!

Questions/Comments: Email us at: ppt@successchurch.com

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