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Imagine that the ‘Nets’ in this scripture represent casting nets of prayers as a covering over other Christians. Just as the disciples reaped a large catch of fish, you and your prayer partners shall reap the catch of blessings for the prayers sown for marketplace Christians throughout the world.

The Christian Success Training Ministry SuccessChurch has been called to form a worldwide Network of Personal Prayer Teams called the “Personal Prayer Net.” This Network will eventually include thousands of Prayer Teams, who will change the Atmosphere, Dynamics, Power, and Success of thousands of careers and jobs that they pray over. It will also change the local marketplace and workplace as well, by praying and inviting the Holy Spirit to invade their business, career, and daily tasks with His Power, His Purpose, His Passion, His Productivity, and His Blessings!

Q: What is a Personal Prayer Net?

A: A Personal Prayer ‘Net’ is a Worldwide Network or Partnership of Christians who provide a ‘Net’ of Prayer Coverage over each others’ daily Work and Godly Success.

Q: What is the Vision of the Personal Prayer Network?

A: God wants a ‘Net’ of prayer cast over your Work, and He wants you to cast ‘Nets’ of prayers over others’ work as well. These ‘Prayer Nets’ will help ‘Catch’ “workplace fish”-the Success Blessings and Protection from God for all Christian Prayer Partners involved in the Prayer Network worldwide. Workplace intercessory prayer coverage can result in Marketplace Blessings and rewards from God that cannot be contained. Just as Peter had to partner with other fisherman and borrow their nets to help haul in the fish, by partnering on a Personal Prayer Team in the Personal Prayer Network, that will catalyze an enormous ‘catch’ of God’s Blessings of Success for Christians throughout the world! And most importantly, due to the increased Marketplace Presence of God, there will be a ‘Catch’ of new souls for the Kingdom like never before seen in the workplace!

Q: Why would you want God to invade the marketplace?

A: God’s Presence can change the Success Outcomes of every part of your career, goals, efforts, business plans, tasks, marketplace strategies, promotions, creativity, and revenues, etc. in ways we could never comprehend. With His Holy Power, He can reach into His Supernatural Success Arsenal and create a Success that you never even dreamed of, as He is a Supernatural God!

Personal Prayer Teams Can Change the Dynamics & Success Blessings of a Workplace, a City, A Nation, and The World.

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