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Christian Success is a blessing from God. FAMILY is a HUGE blessing from God. We grow up with Family being the main influence on our lives, both Spiritually, and in this world. We believe there are things that parents and family members can do, to empower the family unit, to increase their function and focus for God.

Christian Godly Success starts in the family unit, as God created it that way. HolyFire is committed to creating educational programs and teachings that can compliment Biblical success in the family unit. These teachings include the areas of marriage, raising kids, dealing with the family failures and disappointments, as well as creating a culture that will totally honor God.

How would you like to create a Christian Success culture in your family that would Enlarge and Improve every area of your family relationship, and Glorify God at the same time?

Soon we will be offering programs to help increase the Success Factor in all aspects of families, and Biblical teachings on Christian Family Success.

LifeFire will include:

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