Maybe you've never learned much about Him. Perhaps you've always heard of Him, but have never really connected to His Truth until now. Or maybe you've known of Him and believed in Him as the Savior of the world your whole life, but desire a more powerful revelation of His Presence and Power in your life now.

We at the SuccessChurch believe Success in life starts with knowing Jesus. We believe that if you do not know Him, and you want to, then NOW is the time to do something about it.

God is even more interested in, and excited for, you to know Him than you are! He's knocking on the door of your heart right now. Knowing God is as simple as opening your heart and inviting Him in.

Regardless of your background, upbringing, religious education, denominational affiliation, or exposure to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, if for any reason you are uncertain at this time of your eternal standing with Him as your Heavenly Father and Eternal Savior, or if you know Him but desire a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with Him through the Holy Spirit, we encourage you to pray the following prayer now:

Congratulations! Today is the most important day of your life as your spirit has been born from above into the family of God [John 3:3-7]. You now belong to Jesus forever and He belongs to you! Write His Name on the walls of your heart... He's got Your Name written on His!

Enter the Online Prayer Chapel for Prayers of Protection, Healing, Favor, Workplace & Business Blessings, Finances, Lonliness, Children's Blessing, Spiritual Relationship with God, Discouragement, Divorce, Anger, and more!

As you travel along on His Holy Path of Life, we encourage you to frequently surround yourself with like-minded believers at a local church, Bible studies, and with your Personal Prayer Team, PowerCell Study Groups, etc. Also, we encourage you to hang out on the web site with us and explore the many teachings available to you. Join us live online every Sunday night at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time for Biblical Success Services that will build you up on the inside!

If you have prayed this prayer and accepted Christ into your heart, email us at We would like to help you remain on the path that God has for you by connecting you with people and resources that can help you learn more about God and grow in His grace and His love. God loves you, and we love you. Welcome to The Family!

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