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In your Christian Success walk and life, DO YOU need healing? We’ve all got something. The list is endless: physical pain, emotional scars, serious health conditions, financial trauma, lack of Godly Success, heartbreak, etc. If you think about it, pretty much everyone you know has got something painful that they’re sensitive about, whether it’s something obvious, or they hide it deep down inside.

What if there was a way (according to The Bible) for you to receive whatever healing you need in your life, completely? Would that be something that you’d want to learn more about for yourself and for those you love?

The fact is, at the Cross of Calvary, the Lord Jesus took upon Himself every Physical and Spiritual scratch, bump, bruise, sadness, pain, illness, setback, hereditary disease, loss, bankruptcy, hunger, disappointment, relationship failure, challenge, abuse, betrayal, blindness, bunion, etc. that ever has existed for ALL creation. We know, we know! It’s difficult to wrap our brains around that!

The question is what is it going to take for you to get your healing? Do you believe that your healing is God's Will and His Divine Nature? Do you believe that God has the Power to heal you? The Lord Jesus, by way of the Cross, has provided the Spirit’s Power for your Successful Healing without measure, and it is available to every believer.

Okay, so now you see, it’s the POWER of the Lord that does the Healing. So where do you find that POWER?

The POWER of God is found in the WORD of God. The POWER of God is found in the PRESENCE of the Lord, which is available from Jesus Christ through the SPIRIT of the Lord. The Holy Spirit’s manifest Presence is where the Healing Power is found. And when you truly discover and experience the fullness of HIS POWER, you will have found the key to unleashing your healing, any healing, all healing, every healing you need, every time...

When you are in His Word and Presence 3 things can happen:

HolyFire Empowerment Ministries wants to help you with your healing needs in two ways:

First, we would like to pray for you and with you in agreement for God to heal you, whatever healing you need. Click here for prayer for healing.

Second, we will offer several resources and teaching tools, and live events to empower you to understand and embrace how God’s healing occurs today through Biblical principles. These tools will feature Christian experts with teachings and programs that transform lives by the Power of the Holy Spirit for your physical healing and Christian Success needs

HealingFire Tools Coming Soon!

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