In Christian Success and all things, to God be ALL the GLORY! It is ALL Him Who does the Works and receives ALL the Praise!!! Praise Reports are a vital part of bringing Glory to God in any ministry. The SuccessChurch is no exception. Here are some examples of God moving in peoples’ lives in wonderful ways as only He can! If you have experienced Empowerment and Godly Success through the SuccessChurch ministry teachings and would like to share your testimony to Give God the Glory, please Click Here or email us at:

Dear Doug & Jodi,
I just wanted to let you know how powerfully I've been blessed by listening in on the services. I had to miss this past Sunday evening and really just hated it. The principles are so sound. It is definitely worth the time for people to put down what they are doing to listen and grow. The first service I listened to was on Worship Powered Work. Everything was so impacting. I've shared many principles with my friends. Thank you for serving the Body of Christ in this way. D.W.

Pastor Doug,
I visited the Success Church for the first time tonight. I have never used my fingers (keyboard) as the predominate form of praising God in a cyber-congregation or any congregation. I really enjoyed it. The service was anointed. Thank you, God bless you. H.R.
Hello Doug & Jodi!
I'm writing in from the Bahamas and I read your ezine every week, and attend Success Church when I can. I love the encouragement and sense of victory I get from your ezine, and the services, but I've got to tell you that the new "PowerParables"(sm)! blew me away! I've been "Almost There" all my life, and something changed in me while I was reading this. I bless God for you. Keep inspiring the people the way you do. Many chains of defeat and the bondage of ignorance are being broken, even in the "silent" readers and listeners. God bless you always. To His Glory, G.
Dear Doug and Jodi,
Thank you for allowing God to create a ministry that is so encouraging and unique. T.E.

Hi Doug,
Thanks for the great services! I see this impacting people all over the world and bringing people into the Kingdom as they see our success examples and hear our testimonies. I was thinking to go over a few ideas with the guys at church. Also, is it ok to put a few flyers around town at the grocery/laundromat bulletin boards, telling people to go to the SuccessChurch website? I know there are a lot of Christians that could benefit if they knew about it. Thanks. P.S.

Dear Doug,
Thank you for the SuccessLight Devotionals. They are so great and a wonderful help and encouragement. I would also like to become a part of your Prayer Team. N.C.

Dear Doug, 
We have really been blessed by your teachings on the SuccessChurch on Sunday evenings. I have gotten so infuriated at myself when it has slipped my mind. Thanks so much for being obedient to God's calling on your life. I feel as though I am being fed through your ministry and have been able to make your teachings applicable to my life. My business is growing and I know it will continue to do so because of God being in the center of my business. Many of God's Blessings to You & Jodi. J.G.

If you have experienced Empowerment and Success through the SuccessChurch ministry teachings and would like to share your testimony to Give God the Glory, please Click Here or email us at:

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